Booking TPDS in BBDC driving center is difficult

Long story short. You need to book 3 slots of TPDS. You can book one by one. Once you are done with one, only then you can book the next. You cannot book all at first.

Again, you need to first complete a number of practical session before you can book the first TPDS.

I booked the first one. Then saw one empty earlier slot. I cancelled my slot and tried to book that earlier slot. I lost both.

Everyday I try and I fail. It is such a frustrating experience.

The next slot is 3 months later. 6 months after admission, I have no patience left to get the first TPDS slot 3 months later.

Most likely, I cannot finish in a year. I finished almost all my practical lessons and theory tests. If someday I get a chance to go for the test, I might forget everything by then.

They should not have admitted so many people when there is such a backlog.

They should have informed people about these booking problem during admission.

And don’t forget, after a year you have to pay them to continue membership, in case you cannot finish by then.

Remain aware about these issues.